The Time I Moved to Boston

This summer I’m interning at the national headquarters of Her Campus magazine in Boston. That also means travel adventures galore! I took the redeye on the last day of finals week and arrived in Bean Town (no one calls it that) one Saturday in June. After an excruciating day of jet lag and buying sheets (among other things) from Target, I settled into my subletted apartment on Park Drive right by the park, Fenway and the Museum of Fine Arts. It’s a brick building and I couldn’t ask for a more East Coast-y place to live. Have I given myself away as a tourist yet?

A few weeks have passed so I’m going to start blogging about my experiences and trips so far. I can tell you, I am head over heels for Boston. It’s beautiful in the summer with so much to do in the different neighborhoods with their history, sports, shopping and food.


On the first Sunday, I met some of the other interns at the Copley T stop for brunch at Back Bay Harry’s. I had a grilled cheese that was pretty good albeit pricey, along with its side of potatoes. The restaurant almost seemed like a bar with its darker vibe and wood decor.

It was also nice to meet everyone and walk around in the sun. We strolled through the Public Garden and took a swan boat ride for $3.50. It’s maybe a 15-minute ride just around the little artificial pond—it’s super touristy but cute to see the skylines peek over the trees in the garden and nearby Boston Common, which is the Central Park of Boston.

We then walked to Newbury Street, which is a shopping street that’s also totally brick and old looking. One girl got Georgetown Cupcakes and we strolled into Brandy Melville, but a lot of the stores are too up scale for us.


Another day that week, I returned to Newbury and went to Trident Booksellers and Cafe, which is a local two-story book stop with a cafe that serves breakfast all day. Though it was mediocre food from the looks of it, I got a fancy Viennese coffee which was basically a mocha with whipped cream in a huge Lorelai Gilmore-worthy mug. I recommend checking out the bookstore in Boston, but no need to eat there. It tasted a bit watery and that drizzle was most likely the Hershey stuff they give to kids.

On my first full day on Boston, Newbury made for a pleasant stroll before heading home to prepare for my first day of work in the real office! Our workspace at the Landmark Center is so hip with a swing set and cold brew on tap. It’s really a dream come true, even though the first days were hectic unpacking and moving in.

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