One Week in Niigata City, Japan

My first week in Japan was spent in Niigata City, Niigata. It’s a coastal city with great seafood and rice. A lot of my time was spent with my hosts in Kameda for the week as I taught English at a local high school. It’s a very beautiful, suburban, medium-sized city. Some strip malls and shopping malls, but also rice fields and houses galore.

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After school on two days, I went to Niigata Station with other interns like me and we did a few touristy things in Niigata — visiting the Bandai Bridge, getting a panoramic view and checking out the shops at the station, which sell sake, groceries and even clothes.

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Every Saturday we have off from school, so my host family drove me along the gorgeous coast of Niigata towards a fish market. At first I thought the point was to go to the fish market but soon realized the drive itself was the sightseeing of the day. Rice fields, lush mountains and grey ocean all around.

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