Favorite Rome Moment: Trevi at Night

The Trevi Fountain just became my favorite place in Rome. It’s full of that quintessential historic Roman feeling that I learned about in high school social studies.

You can feel the age of the city and the excitement of summer, watching the waves ripple like a swimming pool in the light turquoise water. Coins shimmer on the bottom in little circular patterns that dreamers threw in. The lights shine against the white figures and cast shadows that only enhance the regality.

Meanwhile throngs of tourists snap photos but they seem to melt away when I look at the pouring waters — which can be heard down the street. Little signs on side streets read “Fontana di Trevi” like in “Alice in Wonderland” as all paths seem to lead to the little square. Lit-up shops advertise gelato and pizza, though it’s too touristy to be authentic. The crescent moon shone to the left of the fountain, but just out of frame. The orange buildings contrast against the yellow-blue tinged sky at dusk.


It was a perfect scene, a perfect moment on Saturday evening. I tried to put down the camera and realize it’s better to savor it in person. So many people came and stayed at the top level of the fountain, snapping their pic and leaving. Not as many came down to the rim of the fountain to touch the cool water or sit on the side. One girl was taking selfies for an entire 15 minutes or so. Don’t you want to see it behind you instead of seeing it through a phone screen?


It’s huge in person. I didn’t throw in a coin because #consumerism but I hope I didn’t jinx my travel chances. My tip: Definitely see it at night.

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