Restaurant Review: DŌ cookie dough in New York City

Ah yes, this place. You’ve probably seen DŌ on social media with its safe-to-eat cookie dough served by the scoop like ice cream. It’s located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, and let me tell you, this place is popular. However, I found the treat itself to be very over-rated. If you’re interested in the social media experience or the exclusive New York dessert, then go for it. But if you actually want something that will blow your tastebuds away, this is not the place.

The line is actually located across the street from DŌ; I was standing in line while I took the street view picture. It took us only about 30 minutes to wait on a Friday evening, but my sister went a few months ago and it took three hours. Beware. But yes the lights are so ~aesthetic~ and hip. It’s certainly trendy with lots of colors inside the tiled restaurant.


I ordered the salty & sweet, which was a sugar cookie dough with caramel, sea salt and dark chocolate. It costs $4 a scoop or $7 for two scoops, meaning you can try other flavors like brownie batter or signature chocolate chip.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cookie dough. I eat it when we make cookies at home. But I was not obsessed with a whole scoopful on a hot day. I ate a few bites and was satisfied. Maybe it’s because I’ve associated it with eating small amounts, but it was just really rich. I almost had to force myself to eat just one scoop.


The interns and I walked to Washington Square Park by NYU to eat the cookie dough from DŌ. It was a lovely day to sit by the fountain and people watch, and the dough was a nice treat. But DŌ is more about the hype than the taste. I won’t be going back.

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