How I Spent Five Days in Florence [Day 2]

Day 2

Cinque Terre

Our Tuesday began with a day trip to Cinque Terre. Read about it here.


Upon our return to Florence at 5:30 p.m., we stopped by All’Antico Vinaio which was a panini shop we’d passed by walking numerous times up towards Palazzo Vecchio — and always seeing a huge line outside. Not only that, but my friend who’d studied abroad in Florence recommended it as the most famous panini shop.

We now know why – it’s 5 euros for a huge panini that two people can share, with warm slightly toasted bread and the freshest of ingredients. I had the Boss, which had truffle, prosciutto and cheese. Very good while I devoured it and very filling. People sat in the streets eating their goodies, tucked into a white paper wrap with the restaurant’s name printed in red. However, it left a strong truffle after taste in my mouth that I kept tasting all night.

Piazzale Michelangelo

In the evening, I trekked up to Piazzale Michelangelo to view the sunset. It’s quite the trek across the river and up some of the steepest streets I’ve seen (including a long incline with shallow steps). We got to the top of the hill and found hundreds of people swarmed around the balcony of the piazzale, which is know for it’s huge view of the entire city of Florence.

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It was indeed a sight to see. The river glowed with yellow sunset light and I could see from our side of the river, across to the Duomo and further right to more of the country. Since I could see Piazzale Michelangelo from my hotel rooftop, I figured it has a similar view. Plus everything is closer in the view from my hotel and therefore bigger, instead of in the distance. I definitely recommend a trek to the Piazzale — unless you have just as nice a view from your residence.

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